Change Log

EZ Fetish is continuously working on improving the overall functionality of the website. We made the logs publicly visible so that everyone can see what we are working on. If you have any suggestions, please reach out using our Contact Us page

April 2022

Development Roadmap

  • Upcoming 6x new achievements.
  • Improving the community layout pages.
  • Product optimization request forms.
  • Contest and raffle development.
  • Feedback polls and suggestions.
  • Product migration request forms.

March 2022

Achievement Progress

  • Added a sidebar where a user can track their achievement progress.

General Bugs

  • Adjusted a general redirect after a user checkout.
  • Fixed achievements not being rewarded for purchasing Art products.

February 2, 2022

Product Page

  • Added a social share widget, allowing users to acquire share what they like on social media and acquire the “Sharing is Caring” achievement


  • Fixed the downloads page, products purchased will now appear under My Account > Downloads with an expiry of 48 hours.

January 5, 2022

Featured Product Slider

  • Reduced title font size

Vendor Admin

  • Added Vendor specific “My Studio” button to the main navigation, link is only accessible to Vendors.
  • Removed redundant Toolbar from Vendor’s admin page


  • Fixed header image responsive issues


  • Added “Add Product” documentation under the Studios tab.


  • Added a new “Pricing” page.
  • Installed Live chat plugin offered by

December 17, 2021


  • Image size is now fixed to 300px

Vendor Admin

  • Set global expiry on all Downloadable products to 2 days
  • Removed Download Expiry field as it is set globally from Add New Product page
  • Removed Download Limit field as it is set globally from Add New Product page
  • Removed Up-Sell field as Cross-Sell is the better more reliable option from Add New Product page
  • Removed Advanced Tab as those options are not yet available from Add New Product page
  • Fixed Product Data title capitalization on Add New Product page
  • Removed SEO Notifications when deleting a product

December 16, 2021

Product Page

  • Product meta data such as, Resolution, Size, Length and File Format are now dynamically listed when a product is uploaded.

Add Coins

  • Exchange rates and bonuses are now fixed for all Crystal to Coin exchanges.

Vendor Admin

  • Removed Screen Options from Vendor admin as it gives no value.
  • Removed Custom Taxonomy Columns from Product List
  • Removed Yoast Columns from Product list in vendor admin
  • Added welcome message to Studio Admin panel
  • Removed Long Product Description field from Add New Product page
  • Removed Page Options from Add New Product page
  • Removed Award Points from Add New Product page as points are awarded automatically
  • Removed Studio Meta Box from Add New Product page
  • Removed Slider Revolution tab from Add New Product page
  • Moved Product Short Description to be under Product Data
  • Renamed Product Short Description to Product Description
  • Removed “Add Media” and “GamiPress” from product description field
  • Removed “Avada Builder” and “Slider Revolution Shortcode” options from Product Description field editor
  • Make SEO Meta Box full width
  • Made the “Virtual” and “Downloadable” options auto selected on the Add New Product page
  • Removed “Attributes” tab as they are automatically generated based on file uploaded on the Add New Product page
  • Removed Stock field from Add New Product page as it’s not required for digital products
  • Forced products to sell individually, this removes the need for quantities in shopping carts

December 14, 2021

Product Page

  • Fixed gallery image carousel animation
  • Removed left margin from gallery images
  • Fixed gallery image width, ensured it’s always at 100%
  • Changed Categories to Collections in product meta
  • Added a linked list of Fetishes in product Meta
  • Added a linked list of Apparel in product Meta
  • Added a linked list of Models in product Meta
  • Increased image cropping threshold to 10000px width, allowing for higher resolution Photos and Art

December 10, 2021

Add Coins

  • Fixed Crystals to Coins exchange rates. Still working on fixing the bonuses

Single Studio Page

  • Remove white border from studio header
  • Fixed image width, now set to 100%
  • Overlay width fixed to 100%
  • Overlay background changed to Secondary brand color, visibility set to 30%
  • Header banner is now set to a max height of 350px
  • Applied hidden overflow in case header banner background is taller than 350px
  • Added Social links, Facebook and Twitter for now.
  • Fixed header background on mobile
  • Fixed social positioning on mobile


  • Fixed responsive issue on studio list, now shows two columns on smaller devices

December 9, 2021


  • Fixed positioning and layout of studios list
  • Added Studio Title
  • Added dark brand background overlay visible at 30%, helps to see the Studio Title
  • Added hover effect

My Account

  • Fixed empty space between cover image and navigation
  • Added dark brand color background over to cover image, visible at 30%, helps to see user achievements

December 5, 2021

My Account

  • Updated “My Account” activity streams to use secondary brand color as alternating background.
  • Fixed style of “My Account” Activity update textarea field to match branding
  • Changed “My Account” Activity stream achievement image size to max 25px width and added right margin


  • Disabled “Recently Viewed” on mobile devices
  • Disabled “Members Activity on mobile devices
  • Reduced Font size to 14px
  • Reduced achievement icons to 20px
  • Reduced height of rank progress bar by half
  • Reduced height of search and input field to 40px
  • Installed an Advanced Filter toggle for mobile devices.

December 4, 2021

My Account

  • Added dark brand background to top navigation
  • Changed normal, visited, active and hover color of top navigation to brand colors.
  • Changed normal, visited, active and hover color of sub navigation to brand colors.
  • Reduced font size of sub navigation
  • Moved user Avatar and user Achievements higher within the profile banner
  • Removed bottom margin from nickname
  • Added margin bottom to user activity
  • Placed rewards in one line rather than stacked
  • Removed background from navigation counters
  • Reduced the navigation counters font size and change color to brand green
  • Removed borders from login and register blocks
  • Removed borders from h2
  • Added dark brand background to register block
  • Made blocks work with Flex, login 1/3 and register at 2/3


  • Added a footer Blurb
  • Condensed the 4 menus on the same line as the blurb
  • Changed background of main footer to muted brand color
  • Changed background of copyright footer to dark brand color
  • Removed bottom margins on Copyright blocks

December 2, 2021

Featured Product Slider

  • Bullets replaced with Arrows.
  • Responsive issues fixed.


  • Fixed left and right spacing flushing it with rest of content.
  • Search buttons are now properly branded on desktop and mobile, green and pink on hover.
  • Removed large gap between content and sidebar on Mobile.
  • Fix alignment of coins, crystals and xp on mobile and tablet devices, they are now in one line instead of being stacked
  • Removed borders from filters
  • Filter Headings are now bold

Contact Us

  • Added Contact Details with support time table, email and phone number.
  • Created Conditional fields based on type of inquiry, General, Feedback Support.
  • Feedback form now contains selectable range fields allowing users to rate certain aspects while still providing feedback.


  • Footer rebuilt using more responsive layout
  • Removed Social Icons
  • Added a Newsletter form
  • Added Logo