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Our search filter is equipped with advanced searching and filtering capabilities. You can drill down to specifics but remember, the more options you select the less results you will get, as each selection is combined with one another.

Search with Keywords
This is the basic feature and is like any other website. Allows you to search by a single word or a combination of keywords. The more words you use, the less results are likely to show.

Search with Filters
Use filters such as, Collections, Fetish, Background, Apparel, Model to further refine your search. When you use this option it is better to remove any keywords from the search field above, this will allow the system to show results mainly based on your Filters rather than words. For example, let’s say you’re looking for the following specifics; a Video of a thick Brazilian wearing Jeans, hey! to each their own :D, then it that case these are the filters you’d use:

By Collection – Videos
By Fetish – BBW
By Background – Brazilian
By Apparel – Jeans

This will bring up all search results relating closely to a Video of a Thick Brazilian wearing Jeans.

Now let’s say you know the Model’s name, but you also want this model to do a specific Fetish for example Smother in a specific Apparel. Then you’d select the following filters:

By Model – Model Name
By Fetish – Smother
By Apparel – Jeans

This will bring up all search results relating closely to a Model Smothering in Jeans.

The main idea behind this advanced Search and Filter is to try and get you the exact result you need, for that, you’ll need to play around with different combinations. Test it out and see how deep and specific you can get with your searches, just remember that the more filters you select, the less likely you’re to get a huge amount of results.

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