Refund Policy

EZ Fetish wants to provide the smoothest experience when it comes to purchases and refunds although due to the nature of digital purchases made on EZ Fetish, there are only a few acceptable ways to request for a refund.

Acceptable Refunds

If you accidentally purchased a video, art or photo you already purchased before.
If a video, art or photo file is corrupted and cannot be viewed.
If the quality of the video, art or photo is much lower than what is advertised and cannot be viewed properly.
In case of fraud, where the purchase was made without your authorization. You will be asked to change your account credentials to prevent unauthorized access. Please do not share your access with anyone and keep your credentials safe. If this happens frequently we will have no choice but to permanently close your account as it goes against our Terms and Conditions.

You may request a refund by simply filling out our refund form here