A petite woman is pissed off because Mz Ether’s been fucking with her man, and she’s about to go tell her off. She has no idea who she’s dealing with. We all know that you cannot mess with Ether. She’s about to get what’s coming. She knocks at her door and Ether swiftly grabs her like a small bag of rice. Moments later she wakes up, tied to a bed and about to get crushed and smothered. Mz Ether shows her exactly why her man came to her, I mean who can resist that ass. She suffocates her with tons of full weight facesitting and demands her to lick her ass if she wants to breath. She begs for air, but Ether tells her to stfu and sits on her throat and face, leaning back to apply even more pressure. You can hear the bed squeaking and cracking from all that weight. I guess she’ll have to find a new man after this one, if she survives this.