Get ready for a challenge of a lifetime! Two ebony SSBBWs are challenged to see which one can make their sub pass out first. This should be “extremely” interesting. Wanda’s up first and she does not hold back. She mummifies her sub in saran wrap and begins the challenge with some brutal full weight facesitting. The frontal veins popping out of her sub’s forehead speak for themselves, can she handle the pressure? Her head is completely swallowed by Wanda’s massive ass. Give her a little air! Asks the cameraman, but Wanda’s having way too much fun, and let’s face it, this is a competition, and she wants to win! The struggle is real, she’s kicking and squealing and trying everything to catch a breath but Wanda’s too heavy and determined. Being under Wanda’s no joke. You’ll forever remember the session, most likely from a permanently flattened face and that’s if you survive it.

The challenge is not over yet, next we got Mz Juicy and we all know how rough she can get. Her ass is just as brutal and she goes a step further by holding down her sub’s hands. The sub reaches out with her hand from desperation, as if there was something to hold on too. She tries to push her off many times but let’s be honest, Arnold himself couldn’t lift that weight off. At over 600 lbs, Mz Juicy continues the heavy squashing and bouncing giving no mercy to her seat. Who do you think won this challenge?