A warm welcome to our newest smothering queen Jigglez. She’s more savage than we originally expected! Ebony BBW Jigglez is looking for a comfy face to sit on while taking her smoke brake. Problem is, the only available seat is moving too much and doesn’t keep quiet. Jigglez has the perfect idea! She wraps her human chair with saran wrap and leans her back against the bed and places her head right on the edge of the mattress. This seat has no idea what’s coming! The ebony queen spreads her jiggling butt cheeks and stuff her subs nose and mouth straight into her ass. The seat cries for help and gasps for air but Jigglez is too comfortable and continues the breathless facesitting torment. She makes her suffer for a good 5 minutes only to switch to something even more extreme, full weight butt drops! She places her straight on the floor with nothing but a single pillow for padding and destroys her with never ending, high flying, bone crushing butt drops! Won’t be surprised if this human seat literally becomes a carpet after all those heavy massive butt slams.