Mz Inkredible decided to make this session a little different. She was in the mood for some POV. She takes her time to smoothly oil up her entire ass, twerking and jiggling for the audience to enjoy. We truly get to see just how massive that ass really is. But that doesn’t mean she doesn’t have a sub to smother and sit on, quite the opposite! Once she was done with the oil it was time for action. Mz Inkredible doesn’t mess around, she starts off with a heavy butt drop, landing straight on the sub’s face burying his nose deep in her oily and sweaty ass crack. She then moves back to bury it even deeper. He tries to lift her many times without success and each time it gets even harder. There is only so much energy in someone’s arms when attempting to lift over 500lbs of weight, it’s like trying to bench press endlessly. She continues the full weight facesitting and he really begins to struggle. We even get to see a side view of his face disappearing and momentarily appearing to take a tiny breath, only to be crushed and engulfed in ass again. Can he handle Mz Inkredible?