Ebony BBW Mz Ether is back and this time to punish her boyfriend for cheating. She puts on a sexy black leotard and wraps him with plastic saran wrap, turning him into a motionless cocoon. If he thinks that a lousy “I’m sorry” will make her forgive and forget, he’s in for a big surprise. She rests her ass comfortably on his chest and throat while he begs for forgiveness, she does it just to hear his cries because she knows they are full of shit and when she catches him talking too much or out of breath and strength, she drops her ass back on his face and resumes the extreme full weight facesitting. If he truly has something meaningful to say, he can mumble it inside her ass. He tries to wiggle his way out so much to the point she almost falls off, but Ether is strong and holds on tights. As always Mz Ether delivers a true masterpiece. With a nose barely sticking out of her ass, you can truly see the sub’s struggles and desperation for air but Ether controls the situation at all times, she’s the Queen and she decides his fate and it’s not a good one.