SSBBW Ebony Queen Juicy is not done with her tiny framed sub just yet! Yes, this is the second part of Juicy’s ultimate crushing session. (Link for the first part is available at the bottom of the description). She sits on her petite sub sideways and applies tons of pressure while holding her hands down. She’s about to turn into a pancake but still holding on and trying to survive the heavy crush. Juicy turns around and starts squashing her with her massive thick thighs while showing off her newly done nails. Pretty right? She then turns 180 degrees and drops on her sub’s throat, locking all the air from going in or out between her ass cheeks. But that wasn’t enough. Juicy goes back to her original sideways position, since that way seemed the heaviest and hardest to handle. Can this sub survive this session or will she become someone’s pancake breakfast.

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