Say hello to Mz. TKO! Juicy ebony SSBBW weighing at over 400lbs puts on a soft and silky purple underwear and smothers two different subs. Two because the first one barely made it out alive. She starts her session with a high flying buttdrop straight onto the first sub’s face. She had so much momentum it made her flip backwards. The second buttdrop however made the guy quit. Not everyone can handle that much ass. When the second sub comes in, Mz. TKO straps him completely to the bed to make sure this one doesn’t get away. She was disappointed by the first sub but that’s good as she takes all her anger out on the second. He gets all the punishment for both. Mz. TKO does a ton of full weight facesitting and spreads her ass cheeks to ensure no air is seeping through. He struggles for real, tries to catch his breath, she gives him a tiny second to breath but not enough to endure the entire session. He apologizes but that doesn’t stop Mz. TKO in the slightest. She continues to engulf his entire head with her massive ass cheeks and enjoys every moment.