SSBBW ebony Mz Juicy has gained a few pounds since her last Guessing Game session. Let’s see how long it will take for this sub to figure out her weight. She straps him to the bed and takes a comfortable seat on his face. She moves so far back making his entire head disappear. She tells him to be still on multiple occasions, but how long can anyone stay still before running out of air, especially under all that weight. She rides and bounces on his chest and face forcing all the air out. If that wasn’t enough, Mz Juicy shows off her moves with some high-flying chest crushing butt drops. She forced his head so deep up her ass it got stuck there when she tried to get off, they literally became ONE. He had plenty of chances to guess her weight, each time he got it wrong, she dropped on his face and started riding and bouncing her ass. He struggles and tries to wiggle his way out, so desperate for air he nearly pushes her off the bed. Got to give it to him, strapped, with no air and no way out, yet still has the fighting spirit in him. He’s taking too long to figure out her weight, so she ends his misery with some very heavy trampling. Will he guess her weight before completely knocking out?