Mz Inkredible is back and in the mood to sing the alphabet. But she can’t do that without a comfortable place to sit. She ties her sub with ropes, drops her massive ass on his face and begins her lessons. He struggles to breath, tries to escape, but no luck under all that weight. She slowly sings the alphabet songs and doesn’t let him breath until she’s done. Each time he tries to move away, she moves back, sits harder and heavier trapping his whole head between her ass cheeks. We all know how many letters there is in the alphabet. You’d have to be a professional diver to last without breathing throughout the entire song. But Mz Inkredible couldn’t care less. Instead, she re-adjusts herself and restarts the song. It doesn’t end there! She punishes him for moving his head away with some high flying buttdrops, so high it broke the bed. That’s ok, there’s always the floor! Can you hold your breath through the entire song?