Mistress Jess and Mistress Morgan use her human seat for a session of reverse full weight face sitting. The first one to take a turn is Mistress Jess. She sits on the face of their seat who has a pillow under his head. Quickly she realize that he can breathe sop she orders him to take out the pillow and take a seat again, this time ensuring he can’t breathe. She teases him, by waiting until he exhales to sit again and laughs at him. After a while is Mistress Morgan’s turn, she sit on him full weight, she is bigger and heavier than Mistress Jess and she knows it. She smothers the seat until he turns his head to take a breath. After a while, Mistress Jess is tired of waiting for another turn and when the poor seats exhales under Mistress Morgan’s butt she jumps in the air ton lands on their seats chest to make him gas even more for air. She does this a couple of times until the seat can’t take it no more.