Mz Ether’s new sub has been very disobedient lately and not listening to any of her requests. She decided to teach him a lesson, a very heavy and chest crushing type of lesson. She tightly wraps his whole body in saran wrap, places him on the floor and begins her punishment. She starts of with the most extreme full weight bbw butt drop and lands directly on his face. Honestly, it’s incredible his eyes didn’t pop, or his head didn’t burst into pieces. As painful as that was, she didn’t budge, instead she quickly shut him up with some throat sitting. Giving him no chance to even catch a breath. All this in just the first 15 seconds! Most subs wouldn’t go passed that point, but he’s a trooper and takes the punishment for the next 11 minutes with tons of bbw chest crushing, butt dropping and throat sitting. Watch how Mz Ether turns this sub into a Yes-Man.