Ebony BBW Mz Ether gets to smother two subs in this session, however, the first one gave up just after 1 minute. Yes very short, some subs just can’t handle Ether’s extreme smothering. The second sub took it like a real trooper, or maybe she just didn’t have a choice. Both subs were tied up, but the second was tied with her arms spread apart and also had a towel over her mouth. Allowing only her nose to breath. Which is a classic with Ether, she loves it when her subs struggle to breath, and the only air they get is straight from her asshole. You can see how the sub is truly struggling but Mz Ether doesn’t move, in fact she leans back a little more spreads her ass cheeks and stuff the sub’s nose even deeper to ensure no air gets in. The only time she gets off is when the sub passes out, even then she takes her sweat time. She kicks, she screams, she tries to turn her body to escape but Mz Ether holds on tight and keeps her at bay. This is a must see true classic from Mz Ether with tons of bound full weight facesitting.