There are subs that listen and obey, and there are those who need a good demonstration of what can happened if you don’t. You can guess what type this one is :P Queen of Shadows straps him to the bed with multiple restraints, ensuring he can’t escape, not that he even needs restraints under that massive ass. Dressed in a sexy black leotard, she begins the session with a nice high-flying butt drop on his chest forcing all his air out. Then slowly moves her ass towards his face engulfing his whole head with some long lasting facesitting. He struggles to breath and tries to wiggle himself out but there’s no chance. You can see her ass shacking from all the struggle, but that doesn’t bother her in the slightest. Halfway through she removes her leotard and resumes the session with lots of butt drops, front, and reverse full weight facesitting. Will Queen of Shadows make this sub a good listener? – Let’s see!