Welcome our newest ebony SSBBW model Taleah the Queen. She’s got one of those perfect soft cushion asses you just wanna pass out in. Her ass is so huge and her hips are so wide we had to change to a wide angle camera for some of the shots. Before she begins her day binging on her favorite TV shows, she takes her usual bubbly shower. Once cleaned up, she wanted to make herself extra comfortable, so we gave her an extra “cushion”, a face of a suffering sub. Her massive ass completely devoured the guy’s head. Poof! Instantly gone! There’s literally not a single pocket of air. He has to lift her entire weight with his hands each time just to take a breath. The constant movement was getting quite annoying for Taleah so she held his hands and locked him in firmly. This is a must see session with tons of massive bubble ass full weight facesitting. The sub really struggles to breathe, but screw his breath. What’s important here is Taleah’s comfort and her TV shows.