Mz. Ether called an Uber driver to pick her but she’s taking her sweet time to get ready. The driver is starting to lose patience but notices Ether stepping out of her house telling him to come in. As he steps in she offers him a blunt and tells him to wait even more so she could take a shower. He’s starting to think there’s something fishy going on but keeps his composure and instead resumes puffin on the joint. Next thing you know, he’s passed out on the couch. The joint was definitely laced with something or he’s just really lightweight.
It’s the perfect time for Mz. Ether to take advantage. She starts by sitting on his face full weight on the couch. She then changes into a sexy stripe colored leotard and smothers the shit out of him on a spare mattress. She splits her legs apart and does a ton of reverse full weight facesitting. The diver tells her he has enough but she doesn’t care, she butt drops on his chest, slides back on his face only to cover his entire head with her juicy ass cheeks. Nothing can escape from under Mz. Ether.