Get the best of both worlds from Ebony BBW Mz Ether and SSBBW Mz Inkredible. First up was our gorgeous Mz Ether, she was gassy and needed a nose to breathe in all her farts. She tied the sub’s hands with ropes, taped her mouth shut and sat on her face hard. She had one mission in mind and it was to make her sub pass out from her juicy ass perfume. She struggled, kicked and screamed but Ether was very persistent and wasn’t getting off anytime soon. Just when you thought it was over, SSBBW Mz Inkredible stepped in, well actually “jumped” in to be more precise. She dropped her whole weight on the sub’s chest pushing the little air that was left right out of her lungs. She showed absolutely no mercy when it came to facesitting. She literally devoured the subs head with her massive ass. No air pockets whatsoever. It was so intense we had to change sub to give the first one a breather. We’ll let you discover how Mz Inkredible punished the replacement.