A new sub by the name of Jackie, came by to test Mz Inkredible’s smothering and crushing power. She thought that she could talk shit to her before the session even started. Who in the right mind would ever want to talk smack to an SSBBW weighing over 590 pounds? Mz Inkredible didn’t take that bs lightly. She grabbed her sub, tied her to the bed and got straight to business. She shows Jackie what a massive ass can accomplish. She covers her whole face with tons of full weight facesitting, making her beg for air but she doesn’t budge. She leans forward just enough for Jackie to sniff her sweaty ass crack but quickly moves back and resumes her heavy crushing position. Jackie screams and pleads for air but this SSBBW is way too comfortable to move. Guessing she won’t be talking shit to anyone anytime soon.