Say hello to our SSBBW goddess Wanda and say goodbye to her sub Ruby. Why? Because she literally disappears under Wanda’s massive ass. She ties Ruby’s hands, each extended to the side of the bed, with barely any wiggle room. The most ruby can do is lightly touch Wanda’s ass cheeks, not enough to make any difference when she’s completely engulfed in her ass. She begs her to get off on many occasions but Wanda has something completely different in mind. With no underwear and a completely bare ass, Ruby has no choice but to breathe the only air available, and that’s right between Wanda’s ass crack. At one point you can hear her screaming but it almost sounds like a neighbour screaming in another room. That’s how deep her face is stuffed in Wanda’s ass. This session includes tons of extreme full weight facesitting, smothering with thighs and complete chest and face crushing.