Mz Ether just finished a job and was excited to count her share, only to realize the money given to her was all fake. She quickly got on the phone to straighten out the situation with the guy who paid her, but he wasn’t hearing her out, instead he thought it was a good idea to threaten and rob her. As he barged in her hotel room, he quickly realized who was really in control. Ebony Mz Ether knocks him out cold with a pistol whip across his face. She has something way more interesting planned for him. She ties his hands with ropes, places him on the bed and waits for him to wake up. As soon as his eyes open, she begins the torment. She goes straight for her favorite full weight facesitting and slowly moves back to cover more of his face with her ass cheeks. The only chance he gets to breathe is when he manages to lift her up with his tied hands. Midway through the punishment she takes off her pink lace underwear and sits on his face with a bare naked ass. The only air he gets is that from her asshole. Unless he has enough energy to keep lifting her, by the looks of his degrading strength, the sound of desperation and the obvious lack of air, he won’t last much longer before completely knocking out.