The neighbourhood thief broke into Wanda’s house while she was out and stole some things. Wanda knew exactly who it was and prepared a special revenge. She strapped the thief to the bed and plopped right on her chest with her full weight. Sitting there and relaxing while the thief struggles to breathe. Right from the get-go she’s asking Wanda to get off. She even asks the director but “he’s not there” right? Wanda can’t be bothered with her cries so she moves back and covers the thief’s face with her thick devouring ass. She started screaming from the pressure and the lack of air, so Wanda moved back even more to ensure no sound could escape. She then grabs a tight hold of her hands, so now all the miserable thief can do is kick her legs around for help. Wanda’s too smart for that, she literally locked her legs with her arms and held on to her hands meanwhile crushing the shit out of her face with her ass. That’s what we call extreme full weight facesitting. This vengeful session includes tons of facesitting, crushing, smothering with front and back views.